Our Story

New Flag founders, Niklas Epstein and Daniel Haffa, have a longstanding friendship, which is why mutual trust is the foundation of all New Flag activities. The first brand was actually founded by chance: Niklas Epstein's girlfriend at the time, came back from her hair appointement in London with a Tangle Teezer and the two founders immediately recognized great potential. Without any business track record, there was a sales deal and New Flag became the biggest Tangle Teezer distributor worldwide.

The second brand of the New Flag portfolio was again founded by chance. Sophie Trelles-Tvede used an old telephone cable as a hairtie for a bad taste party and detected that the cable didn't leave a trace and it was also very comfortable to wear. Together with Felix Haffa, she further developed this idea. This came to be New Flag's first own brand, invisibobble, which has had and is still having huge success. Meanwhile, New Flag's portfolio includes 19 extraordinary brands composed of own brands and distribution brands. In 2016, Felix Haffa joined the management team and Sophie Trelles-Tvede followed suit in 2019.

Our Company

New Flag is the leader in beauty distribution and brand building. Since the founding of our company in 2010, we have expanded into more than 80 countries. We are much more than ordinary beauty products.
We aim to bring euphoria into the ordinary and to disrupt the industry by going down new paths. We offer our customers carefully selected products by world famous brands as well as our own brands.
Our team currently consists of over 300 people, spread over eight locations in Europe and the USA. Every team member lives the spirit of New Flag – every day.


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Sophie Trelles-Tvede

For a bad-taste party, she decided to tie her hair together with a telephone cable. This is where the idea of the invisibobble was born. Together with Felix Haffa, she founded the company and the two made it onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list just four years after invisibobble was founded. She has been a part of the New Flag management team since 2019.

Niklas Epstein

After studying in England, he founded New Flag GmbH in 2010 at the age of 21 together with his long-time friend from school.

Daniel Haffa

After completing his training as a pilot, he realized that professional flying is not his thing and founded New Flag GmbH with his friend Niklas Epstein.

Felix Haffa

During his studies, he helped Sophie Trelles-Tvede with the creation and development of invisibobble. In 2012, they founded the company, which took the brand's name: invisibobble. Since 2016, he has been a part of the New Flag management team.

New Flag Team

Daniel Zeller, Vice President Professional Sales Europe

I still remember the times when our sales representative went to the hairdressers with a folder and notepad and everything went accordingly to the same rules as previous years. These times are definitely over and I'm proud to be part of this change. New Flag is always up to date and has stirred up the hairdressing industry in recent years! Through digitization, we have noticed what potential the industry has and what is possible. We took advantage of these opportunities to find new ways to reach and satisfy customers.- fmr. Head of Musketeers, Red Bull

Gonzalo Salvador, Associate Director Spain

I really like the young and creative environment of New Flag. Everyday is different and it's never boring. As the company is in a growing phase, there is a lot of room for new ideas to improve results. I also really like our own brands, for example Foamie: it's innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Shane Ellis, Senior Manager Creative / Design

The opportunity to work across many great brands and the ambition for growth are a couple of the reasons why I joined New Flag! I love the variation from project to project, the creative freedom in my design role and I really enjoy collaborating with other talented colleagues. Working together we aim to achieve great things, disrupt the market and I'm super excited to be apart of the team.