Our employees live our unique company culture. A vibrant togetherness is our go-to because we not only love what we do but also how we collaborate on our goals. We celebrate our successes together and enjoy coming together.

The continuous development of our employees is close to our hearts. We believe that growth and success are closely linked to personal development and professional training. For this reason, we place great value on enabling our employees to constantly improve themselves, whether through training sessions, workshops, or other educational opportunities.

Our yearly Vision Conference

One highlight in our annual calendar is undoubtedly the Vision Conference. Once a year, all employees from every location come together to work collectively on our goals and shape our vision for the future. This conference not only provides the opportunity to work on important projects but also to interact and get to know each other. These encounters enable us to form a large New Flag Family that is characterized by diversity, respect, and unity across borders.

Our shared passion for our culture, celebrating togetherness, and continuous learning not only shape a productive work environment but also a strong community. It is this special spirit that sets us apart as a company and propels us forward in the beauty industry. Each employee plays an important part in making our team successful and turning our vision into reality.